LadiesGamers Overview week 48

Come on in my friend, and get yourself a nice cup of coffee or tea. Time to look back and wrap up of everything that happened on the site this past week, running from November 25th until December 1st 2019.

The weekly news highlights what happened on this past week. If you are pressed for time during the week (aren’t we all, these days? 😃) you will find everything you need to know in this weekly wrap up.

This past week’s reviews

Mad Games Tycoon Review (Switch)

Mad Games Tycoon: once you get to grips with the game it is an enjoyable and challenging management simulation with gameplay that sucks you in.

Mad Games Tycoon

Where The Water Tastes Like Wine Review (Switch)

Ashley plays Where the Water Tastes Like Wine on the Switch and experiences the power of storytelling first hand. The game gets our highest rating: Two Thumbs Up!

Where the water tastes like wine

Featured series/ editorials

The Best Switch Games for Little Boys

Finding a game as a present can be a chore when you have no experience yourself. So this list of Switch games for little boys you can buy in store will help!

Switch games for boys

YvoCaro Plays: letting go of a good story

I can never switch from one series of books to a new one. Just like with video games: if I am very much into one title, it’s difficult to switch to another! Do you recognise the feeling?

Gaming News

Want to collect more physical games for Switch?

Animal Crossing Manga coming!

Animal Crossing Manga

Fairy Tail by Gust and Koei Tecmo has a release date

Update for Automachef

Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy




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