NewsLetter 17-2021

Hello there, my dear Patron! Nice to see you here in our latest Newsletter looking back at all that happened on the site since then, starting May 3rd until May 9th of 2021.

So if you haven’t had time to read in the past weeks, here’s all that was published, all wrapped in a nice package. So get yourself a cup of coffee (or tea of course), kick back and enjoy!


It Takes Two Review (Xbox One) – Two Thumbs Up

Adventure  Puzzle (US $14.99 | UK £34.99 | EU € 14,99)

JamesIf you have someone else to play with I can not recommend this game enough. Heck this is a game I would go as far as to say it’s worth getting a console or PC for. The game pushes video games forward in the right direction and it’s a darn shame others haven’t taken note of this. A wholesome co-op experience that is guaranteed to entertain.

No DLC, no microtransactions, no exp, no bugs and utter gaming rubbish we so often see in games these days, just a good video game.

It Takes Two is not just one of the best games I’ve played this year. It’s one of the best video game experiences I have ever had, period. 

LadiesGamers It Takes Two

The Colonists Review (Nintendo Switch) – We Like It a Lot

Simulation Strategy (US $27.29 | UK$19.99 | EU € 21,99)

PaulaI think The Colonists could have done a little more as far as a tutorial was concerned. The game teaches you the basics and then just leaves you to figure out the rest on your own. That may be fine for veterans of the strategy building genre, but newcomers to the genre will need a little more help.

The cute robots may make The Colonists look like a very simplistic game, but beneath the surface lies an in-depth strategy game that is a blast to play!

The Colonists LadiesGamers

Machinika Museum Review (Mobile) – We Like It a Lot

Puzzle (US $4.99 | UK £3.99 | EU € 4,99)

PaulaMachinika Museum is a slick and glossy puzzle game. With puzzles that are not too hard nor too easy, they offer just the right amount of challenge to the player. Price-wise, the game is cheaper on Mobile than on Steam, so if you do plan to try it out go for the mobile version.

I was disappointed that the game is quite short at two or so hours of gameplay. Maybe there might be a Machinika Museum 2 in development and this time I hope the gameplay lasts a lot longer!

Machinika Museum LadiesGamers

Shantae Review (Nintendo Switch) – We Like It

Adventure Platformer (US $9.99 | UK £7.49 | EU € 9,99)

James: Overall if you’re a fan of the series it’s worth picking up Shantae to discover its roots. If you’re new to the series I would actually suggest you pick up one of the newer games first before diving into this one. Some of Shante’s retro mechanics will not have aged well for some audiences. But if you’re old like me there is a certain fascinating curiosity around how developers were able to make good games on the little handheld that could, the Game Boy Color. Great for its time. Nice to see it re-released. Just a shame not more was done to make the game accessible for new audiences.

LadiesGamers Shantae

Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion Review (Switch) – We Like It

Puzzle Action Adventure (US $14.99 | UK £13.49 | EU € 14,99)

James: Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion will likely attract an audience thanks to its cute graphical style and bizarre yet humorous premise. It does feel like it could have done with a little more content and the meme humour is likely to be hit or miss for some people.

But if you’re looking for something short and sweet this is a good title to pass the time with before your next intensive gaming project. Just don’t expect it to teach you anything about Taxes. 

LadiesGamers Turnip Boy

Dull Grey Review (Nintendo Switch) – We Like It

Visual Novel (US $4.99 | UK £4.49 | EU € 4,99)

Elena:  I expect promising things in the future from Provodnik Games based on Dull Grey‘s writing and interesting gameplay premise.

But I also hope to see better translation and editing as this can make or break impressions, especially for a visual novel of this brevity. There were jarring moments when the quality of translation dropped significantly.

I appreciate that there are many possible endings, but the most interesting ones ended up more confusing than satisfying. For these reasons, I hovered between rating the game “I Like It” and “Not Sure.” Overall, though, the game holds together well enough.

LadiesGamers Dull Grey

Miitopia Demo Impressions

Yvonne: Miitopia will not be for everyone. You have to like the quirkiness of this game, of the kind that only Nintendo can bring. And one thing: why don’t the Mii have feet?

I must say the shenanigans of my little YvoCaro make me smile, while the fighting isn’t too intense and nicely turn based. It’s good to note that if you play the demo, all progress will be carried over to the full game. The game is set to release on May 21, only on the Nintendo Switch.

A very special addition to the Nintendo Switch, and hopefully one that signals the return of the Mii!

Miitopia Mii demo LadiesGamers

Out of Line Early Impressions (Steam)

James: Out of Line looks to be something quite special. The demo ends on quite the cliffhanger and I was certainly eager to see what comes next. With a great art style, atmospheric sound and unique puzzle hook, this is a game that looks to be a line above the rest in terms of competition and I for one look forward to its final release.

Out of Line is looking to release Summer 2021 on PC and Nintendo Switch then later in the year on PS4 and Xbox. Keep an eye out for it. 

LadiesGamers Out of Line

Inkulinati Demo Impressions (Steam)

Paula: I’ve been following the development of Inkulinati, which caught my eye last year on Twitter. Originally a Kickstarter campaign launched on May 26th 2020 by the end of May Inkulinati was fully funded. The release date has yet to be decided, and Inkulinati will come to Steam and the Switch.

Inkulinati is an ink-based strategy game that takes part in the pages of a book. You play as an illuminator who is part of a secret society of scribes who fight using the living illustration. You can play as a brave knight that has no fear and will send his loyal troops straight at his opponents. Or if you don’t fancy being a knight you can be a nun who, with the power of prayer, can confuse her enemies and heal her own servants. You use Living Ink to draw your anthropomorphic animal army and lead it to destroy your opponent’s army on the opposite page.

Inkulinati LadiesGamers

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Paula’s Game Ramblings: Introduction to Atelier

Patrons only, all Tiers

Back again for another Paula’s Gaming Ramblings, about my first introduction to the Atelier series of games! It’s time for a confession…have you ever been prejudiced about a game or game series, keeping you from playing it? Well I was, let me explain…..

paula's gaming ramblings LadiesGamers

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