Overcooked Surf n Turf DLC for tropical chefs

A while ago Paige reviewed Overcooked 2 for LadiesGamers (find her review here), so this new DLC additions to the game got our attention. For the price of $5.99/£4.49/€4.99 Surf n Turf DLC is now available on all platforms.

Overcooked 2 Surf n Turf is an island expansion where the Onion King takes the cooks on a more tropical adventure. Four more chefs join the roster, with one returning character from Overcooked (Boof) and three new cooks. They will find themselves in 12 new, themed kitchen levels. People might also find themselves needing to make skewers or smoothies for customers.

And added tot that, Surf n Turf also introduces two new gameplay mechanics. One is bellows. When used with a grill, it could help food cook faster. The water pistol is the other addition, which will be a new way for washing dirty plates that come back to the kitchen. (boy, am I glad I have a dish washer!)

Check out the trailer below.

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