Review Lost Winds, Winter of the Melodias for Wii (Nov.2009)

What to do when everyone around you is very enthusiastic about a game. When the game concept is so special, uses a never before way of controlling the game that you absolutely have to try it. When the visuals are so beautiful, that the game is a must have. When the price for the game is very reasonable, only 1000 Wii Points. And what to do when you have tried the game, and when you find out that you really, really don’t like the game? That is what happened to me with LostWinds, Winter of the Melodias. Based on everything I saw and heard about it I decided to download it.

Upon trying it for the first time I was slightly disappointed to see that the character (Toku) could only move from left to right (and vice versa, of course). He couldn’t move to or fro, so there was no depth in his movements, making it look a bit strange to me. But hey, I thought that maybe I should delay my judgement. So I started playing.  Toku can ofcourse be moved by pressing the stick on the nunchuk in normal walking mode. But he can’t jump, for that you have to draw lines with your remote, making gusts of wind. The wind makes it possible to scramble on rocks, and to move objects. Trouble for me is that I just can’t get the hang of the wind-gusts. For example, there a place where you have to “jump” on a ledge, and from there to the next etc. Every time I manage to make it up the second ledge (with a lot of effort) I float down again when trying to get on the third ledge. It took me days to figure out how to pick up a rock in a whirlwind to hurl it at a wall. At one time the rock even flew in the wrong direction, splashing into the lake, never to be retrieved again.

This wouldn’t be so bad (I just would need some extra perseverance) if there were enough save points along the way. But there aren’t. And because of that I have to start over again and again. Every time I have finally managed to use the rock to break the wall ánd have jumped upon the ledges I’m so very tired of the game that I want to stop. Only to find out that there are no save points along the way. So, when I’m ready for my next try, having plucked up enough courage to load the game again, I’m am faced with the same challenges: start at the beginning again!

I fear I may be the only one who hates this game….sorry! If your feelings are entirely different, don’t hesitate to react to this post!


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