Sean’s Animal Crossing Roleplay Journal Entry 1

Welcome, dear reader, to my Animal Crossing Roleplay Journal. After realising I had ‘hit the wall’ with my last play through. I decided to start fresh and go slow. Follow me on my journey as I experience island living all over again and with a roleplaying twist!

Day 0 – 1

Another day at the office. Or at least, the spare room. Working from home has become a real test of my patience and don’t even get me started on how bad the coffee is! For weeks I have been thinking about just giving it all up and getting away for a fresh start. Somewhere quiet, somewhere calm. Somewhere all these stresses and strains of the modern world can just slip away. I know it is going to sound crazy, but after once again thinking about all this to myself whilst trying to write up reports for work… my wish seemed to be answered!

Around lunch time today I received an email from someone called T. Nook. At first, I thought it was just typical spam but on further research it seems to be the real deal. From the looks of things, he has owned a few businesses over the years. Seems to have made his money in retail mainly. Then in property development. Anyway, he is now offering remote island getaway packages. And the real bonus, you don’t need to pay upfront. You can work off your payments whilst on the island. I’m guessing Google has tracked all my recent searches for holidays and new starts! I couldn’t believe it.

Almost immediately I rang my mum and she was so supportive; it seems I am actually doing it. Just this evening I have given up my 9-5 slog and my mum will rent out my flat for me. In the morning I catch the flight out and I have never been more excited. This is it journal, my new life starts tomorrow!

My boarding pass

Time to fly

It has been such an amazing day. I arrived at the airport at 6am. The flight was due to leave at 7:30am but I wanted to get some snacks and a book for the journey. I checked in my bags with the attendants, they were brothers! Timmy and Tommy, I think they said. The airport was empty apart from myself and two others who have signed up for the package. Ill tell you about them later. Before leaving I managed to grab a bottle of water and a book. I have left my mobile phone at home and told my mum I will be keeping in touch the old-fashioned way, by post! It is amazing how good I already feel not being harassed by the constant buzzing of notifications about nothing.

Getting near the island chain

The flight out was lovely. We were served such cute snacks I needn’t have bothered buying the massive bar of Toblerone at duty free. Just before landing we were shown an inflight video about what we can expect on the island. It was so exciting. We landed around lunchtime and had an immediate orientation meeting in the middle of the island. So far, from what I can see, there is a small airport (for seaplanes), a nice plaza area with a resident services tent. And that’s it!

We have each been given a special communicator called a ‘Nook Phone’. It doesn’t have WhatsApp (thankfully), but it does integrate with all the island services. I think it is going to be useful. Apparently, this island has amazing fishing, and I even heard one of the others say the bugs here are incredibly varied. I am going to make sure to track what I collect.

Our first night together

Orientation and Meeting the Neighbours

I met my new island neighbours at orientation. Pierce, who seems very sporty. And Shari, who reminds me of my sister. I won’t bore you with the details, but I am now the island representative. What this seems to mean is that I will be Mr Nook’s go-to helper. I don’t mind though if it means I get to have an input into how this place develops. My first task was to decide where we all should place our tents. I thought keeping everyone close together for now would be a good idea. I had spotted some pretty large bugs on a tree when we were unloading the plane, so I know id prefer to be close to the others. We have spread our tents our across the southern beach. I can even hear the waves gently crashing outside as I am writing this.

My tent is small but cosy

After getting everyone settled, I explored the area just behind our tents a little. The trees here are gorgeous. I started gathering some branches as Mr Nook explained we are trying to remain as eco-friendly as we can. Creating new furniture out of items we find on the island. I love this place already! I was shaking a tree and some peaches fell on my head. It seems they are native to this island as after a little look around, I found them all over the place! They are delicious. It is strange but after eating a couple I immediately felt stronger. With the right equipment, I bet could even pull up the trees! I honestly have never felt this healthy.

A New Life

Oh, and before I forget, in my role as island representative I got to do something even more amazing. Name our island! We all settled on my suggestion which is Woodvale. The others loved it and so here we are. Living our new life on Woodvale. I have never been happier and I cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings!

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