Snack World Trejarers coming to Switch

Leading up to the 3DS release in Japan in August 2017, I paid this game a bit of attention to the game Snack World Trejarers in the Handheld Gaming News section. After all, this Level-5 game looks so good, and clearly takes a page from the book of Yo-Kai Watch and Fantasy Life, style-wise. Find a trailer for the game here.

Gaming magazine CoroCoro Comic got some exiting news for us: the game will be coming to the Switch as well in 2018. (Thanks, JapaneseNintendo!) Still just in Japan, just like the 3DS and mobile game. I can’t believe such a successful Level-5 franchise will stay in Japan though. After all, Level-5 has quite a good history of eventually bringing us their games and other cross media projects too!

The game looks to be a good RPG, swapping out a traditional fantasy setting for one filled with smartphones and convenience stores. The Level-5 creation already has its own line of NFC toys and an anime on TV. The game makes a lot of use of reading real items into the game through NFC. For instance, there are Jaras, miniature weapon toys, that you can scan on a NFC reader to make their in-game counterpart appear. Snacks are plates with monsters sealed inside that you can scan on a NFC reader to make them appear in game too.

And even though they don’t use the word amiibo anywhere in their packaging, Takara Tomy Arts have released a set of four official Snack World figures (Chup, Mayone, Vincent, and Butako) with NFC chips that are compatible with the 3DS game The Snack World: Trejarers. Nice!



  1. Every time I go to Play-Asia or nin-nin game, I was so tempted to get the game, but hold off hoping for western release soon…And after reading your article, I was hoping to read that Switch version worldwide release, lol! Well, lets hope the JP switch version will support multiple language like I am Sestina and some other.

        1. You mean there is a “I am Sestina” game? Where have I been? Oh man, I need to look for that game…. should be superdope game!

          Kajajajajaja! Let’s bring the pitchfork and burn the WordPress!

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