Yono and the Celestial Elephant announced for Switch

On August 30 Nintendo’s Summer Showcase aired, with many Indie developments being showcased. One of them caught my eye: Yono and the Celestial Elephant. Developer Neckbolt Games will bring this game to the Switch and Stream on October 12. They describe it as a grand adventure, featuring puzzles, treasure hunts, combat and a world full of people.

You know how I love my graphics, and this game is looking so darn cute. The story is that Elephants are mighty protectors of the world, born from the stars once per millennium. This is the age of Elephant Yono. He has his work cut out in a kingdom inhabited by feudal Humans, undead Bonewights and robotic Mekani.

Looking at the trailer I am reminded of the puzzle fun that we know so well from Zelda adventures, but I was very interested too to see Yono watering crops in the field. This list of things you can do is from the developer:

  • Use your elephant trunk to solve puzzles and find secrets. Load it up with air, water and other things for different effects.
  • Visit 4 towns full of people, shops and side-quests.
  • Solve 3 deep dungeons of puzzles, monsters and finally a scary boss.
  • Explore forests and caves to find treasures and upgrades.
  • Discuss ascetic virtue ethics with the undead, existentialism and freedom of will with the robots, and political philosophy and the roots of power and authority with the humans.
  • Piece together ancient texts to uncover the history of the world, the development of humankind and the influence of past Elephants.

Check out the trailer, it looks really good!


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