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YvoCaro Plays: fun little time wasters and rolling animals

Time to sit down for another YvoCaro Plays. As always, these blurbs are mostly about the video games I’m currently playing. Unedited thoughts that spring up in my mind, mostly game related. And sometimes a random train of thoughts starting with the game and ending somewhere completely different.

It’s only fair to warn you that spoilers might sometimes be included. If you like these bits of gaming thoughts you can find the previous ones here.

Sometimes mindless time wastes are in order

You know how I always say that I game where the mood takes me? Well, this week it has been taking me to mindlessly tapping the screen of my iPad. Not thinking too deeply about the game I’m playing, just doing what Isabel tells me to do.

Clearing away the daily tasks in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp and collecting snow-park gyroidites. Never before have I been so diligent in logging in every couple of hours to find them all.

I know why I’m playing a game that doesn’t require my full attention at the moment. Maybe you’ll recognize this: when my mind is distracted by other things in life, that’s where my gaming mood takes me. You see, my little girl ( well, okay, she is 19…) is going away for four months. She is doing an internship for her studies in London.

That might be only one hours’ flight from the Netherlands, but you must understand she is our only child, and that’s why it’s always been the three of us. It will be strange to not have her at home, and scary too. After all, London is a big, big city! If you are a mom, I’m pretty sure you can relate.

So. I’ll just keep doing as Isabel tells me and collect things. For the animals, to get snow balls, to get tickets and such!

Everything. What a weird name for a game!

I did play one other game that I bought last week. I played Everything. No, I didn’t play everything on the Switch ( that would take some big chunk out of my life 🙄). No, I played the game Everything.

Try finding info typing in Everything Switch in google. Logical that you should find out all about the Switch console first. Everything is about just everything in life, all life forms in existence . And more, even items. The nice thing is that there’s no right way to play the game, just wander along and be a part of every item, particle and consciousness.

When I checked out trailers of the game before buying I must say I was a bit taken by surprise at the way the animals moved. Rolling head of heels. It seems so weird and clunky, awkward even. But honestly, you get used to it.

in a way, this is relatively mindless gameplay too, just like tapping away inn Pocket Camp. Just what I need at the moment. Wanna check out my review of Everything? It’s here.

What are you playing at the moment? I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I’m currently playing Double Cross and Piczle Colours. Both games are extremely different but fun nevertheless although I think Piczle Colours is my favourite. I just purchased Wargroove, and due to the positive reviews, I’m really looking forward to spending time with it this week. 🙂

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