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YvoCaro Plays: I’ll get fit by gaming….or not

Shhhhtt…..Let me tell you a secret!

As you might imagine, with running a website about video games I always have an eye out for new games. If I see a game that catches my eye, I end up either reviewing it or buying it. Which means that when Christmas, or shortly after, my birthday comes along, I’m in a pickle.

You see, the presents I love best are video game related. But what can I ask for that I haven’t already tried out? When Santa was riding in his sleigh though this past December, I decided to ask for a game that I hadn’t thought to buy. I hadn’t even checked into the info beforehand, thinking it might be a fun surprise. And lo and behold, Santa delivered: my Christmas stocking had the big box of Ring Fit Adventure in it!

You might sit there reading this and wondering: now why is getting Ring Fit such a big deal? Well, I’ll tell you. Everyone who knows me in real life knows I’m not into sports. I don’t like watching it on television, and I don’t like doing any form of sports myself. There, I’ve said it.

Being fit and sporty is hip

Do you have any idea how difficult it is these days to confess to that? It seems being fit and sporty is the way to go, munching on kale, putting pieces of bush in your tea and snacking on other super foods along the way. To me, being sporty is a chore. Yet another thing I have to cramm in a day that’s already chock-full with other things. Of course, I do realise that if I loved it, I’d make the time….

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I really wish it was different, as that would probably mean I’d have the additional benefit of not having to watch my diet all the time. And I have tried in the past. Attended a dance group (when I was much, much younger), joined a gym class and even tried running three times a week. Well, running….more walking and running, because I couldn’t do much more then that. Short of breath, heart racing, beet red face..and that after 2 minutes of running. I kept with it for three months, and then a sore knee stopped me in my tracks. I bet the knee felt it was time to put an end to all that unexpected activity.

Reverting to video games to get fit

With Wii Fit being released by Nintendo a couple of years ago, I decided to give it another go. Bought the Wii Balance Board, to try yoga, ski jumping, balance games. But it wasn’t to be. I didn’t stick with it, and so I didn’t reach any of the weight loss goals the game set for me. My Mii waddled into the Mii Plaza every time I opened the menu, just a little bit overweight.

Somehow I always think that next time I’ll get caught by the exercising bug. So much later, I bought WiiUFit. I only had to buy a Fit Meter that I could clip to my belt and start keeping track of how much walking I did in real life. That part was easy, but again, I didn’t keep up with WiiUFit. So, my Mii was by now even a bit more overweight and still waddling.

And now, many years later, here I am again: part three of the ” I’ll get fit by gaming” story of my life. With Ring Fit.

Will Ring Fit Adventure do the trick?

I gotta say, it’s a fun idea to get people active by making them a part of the game. I like the warm-up exercises and how the battles work. Doing squats or overhead shoulder presses to beat the body-building dragon. The accessories, the Ring-Con and Leg Strap, work perfectly. And even doing one level of running about, collecting coins and fighting the enemy really tests my fitness. A lot.

But after four or five times, I haven’t been back to it. I wish I could put a success story up here, but I’m afraid it’s not to be. Exercising for fun just isn’t me, even if Ring Fit Adventure is an awesome game and offers its players so much good fun. Have you tried the game and stuck with it? Or did you do like me, and reverted to just sitting quietly reading a book. Or better still, play my other games!



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