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YvoCaro Plays: Scared of the Rat King

Time to sit down for another YvoCaro Plays. As always, these blurbs are mostly about the video games I’m currently playing. Unedited thoughts that spring up in my mind, mostly game related. And sometimes a random train of thoughts starting with the game and ending somewhere completely different.

It’s only fair to warn you that spoilers might sometimes be included. If you like these bits of gaming thoughts you can find the previous ones here

The Rat King…how can I not be scared with a name like that?

Now most of you readers are probably gaming buffs. You have known many kinds of gaming fun, and have lived many adventures through your little avatar. You’re no doubt fit and ready to do some button mashing and to kick some ass. You are most probably looking forward to the next challenge. No problem to take on the most fearsome boss, right? You will surely show him your worth and that trying to beat you at the game is pretty useless.

But I’m afraid I don’t have your kind of confidence. My little YvoCaro loves her adventures, but she is always just slightly aprehensive. She just isn’t very good at this fighting stuff, whatever game she’s in. I’ve had this problem before in games that I abandoned because of this issue. Facing the Rat King in My Time at Portia made me realise this once more. But then, how can one not be scared of him with a name like that?

That Propellor of his is really deadly!

Not being in control…

I’m glad Portia is very forgiving when it comes to fighting. I’ve died several times already, but I keep coming back alive. Not that it’s doing me much good, as I’m out of healing items so all hope is lost. And by now my little YvoCaro has a feeling of apprehension and trepidation to try the battle again. I’m much better at turn based fight, where I can think on my next move! I will persevere of course, I just hope that I’ll eventually manage. I just hope I’ll eventually be allowed to go back to my lair and lick my wounds (meaning: stock up on lots and lots of healing items and better weapons!)

Don’t worry, of course I’m aware it’s my fault being the puppet master to YvoCaro. I like to be in control. The games I choose clearly reflect that, I love games where I can call the shots. Games like Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons won’t happen without me making the day to day choices. A game like Animal Crossing is a little different, as life just goes on even when mayor YvoCaro is gone. But then, life is so peaceful there that nothing major can go wrong. I mean, Brewster could make his coffee too strong, or Booker might arrest Savannah when she comes through the gates uninvited. But I have every faith in Isabelle to right those kind of wrongs while the mayor is otherwise occupied.

No, YvoCaro! This is unbecoming behaviour, we don’t grovel!

Breath of the Wild helped boost my confidence

Looking back over the gaming years I do think I’m getting more confident though. Just slightly, I still prefer battling my enemy from a distance. The bombs Link has to his disposal, along with fire and bomb arrows helped me a lot. It showed me that with some careful tactics I can get through a fight, even when I never really mastered the Flurry Attack. It gave me more confidence that I can do this!

I will get this Rat in the end, I’ll just breeze in next time and stun him with my self confidence. How dare he attack me anyway? (Even if he is a little justified, I have after all killed his son the Rat Prince. No father would take this lightly). Maybe I should take some rat poison with me, that’ll teach him!

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