Handheld Gaming News week 45

The weather has turned blustery over here in the Netherlands. The trees are losing the last of their leaves, it’s raining and it’s turning colder. Surely a sign that it’s time to sit indoors and make it cosy. Some hot coffee, the famous pepernoten ( a special treat for Sinterklaas) and some candles on the table to lighten up the gloomy room.

This is the perfect time too to play video games. No glaring sunlight making it difficult to see what happens in your screen. No need to work outside in the garden. More spare time, so join me in discussing the handheld gaming news that stood out to me this week.

Free crossover side quest BotW with Xenoblade 2

You might have seen the Nintendo Direct, dedicated to the upcoming release of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on December 1. To get more familiar with the characters in the game, a free side quest has been released for Breath of the Wild.

Main character in Xenoblade Rex is a Driver and Pyra is a Blade ( blades are artificial lifeforms that bond with Drivers to lend them their weapons and powers in battle). Since November 9 you will find a special side quest in your list of quests, containing a riddle. Solving the riddle and going to each location at the right time, you can obtain a Rex costume.

Capcom will bring Ace Attorney to the Switch

Capcom, who publishes blockbusters like Monster Hunter, has said they will bring more titles to the Switch. In the next fiscal year, starting April 2018, we can expect an Ace Attorney title, hopefully s new one.

Added to that, I have high hopes that maybe we will see Okami HD on there too, as Capcom is making the HD version for release on the PS4 and XBox right now! Capcom getting serious about the Switch

Live wallpaper Animal Crossing Pocket Camp for Android 

To make the wait a little easier before Pocket Camp reaches our shores, Google Play lets players download a wall paper for your smartphone. It’s a live wallpaper, so it changes constantly, which unfortunately I can’t show you. But this is from their website, where you can find the wallpaper.

“Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp” is the mobile app where you can enjoy easygoing campsite development in a world inhabited by animals and time flowing like the real world.
The artwork will change with new elements being added as the launch date of “Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp” gets close.

  • This wallpaper is supported on Android OS 4.2 or newer. Note: Some devices may not be supported.
  • This is a limited wallpaper with the Google Play logo included.
  • Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC.

Harry Potter: Wizard’s Unite is the successor to Pokémon Go

Important news this week for me. We had heard wild rumours before about a Harry Potters based game that would play like Pokémon Go, but it was denied back then. Turns out it was very true though: in 2018 Niantic will bring us Harry Potter: Wizard’s Unite.

Imagine walking around in your own world with your smartphone, throwing spells around and catching  pixies and doxys and finding pumpkin pies and Bertie Botts every flavour beans? Some more info on Wizards Unite

Sony has no faith in the future of Handheld Gaming

I might be a Nintendo gamer from the start, but over the past 3 years I immensely enjoyed my Vita. I didn’t feel much of a bond though with Sony, as shortly after  started playing my Vita Sony abandoned the device like it where an ugly stepchild. I felt they never really gave it a chance. And now they state they don’t believe in a future for a handheld gaming device. Really annoys me. You can read my thoughts here. 

Another plush for Pokémon

Build-a-Bear has added yet another Pokémon plush to their collection. This time you can buy Bulbasaur as an online exclusive bundle. This is from the website:

With an adorable hat and scarf accessory set, 6-in-1 sound and Build-A-Bear Workshop exclusive Pokémon TCG card included, this complete Bulbasaur bundle will delight Pokémon Trainers of all ages!

He sure looks super cute, like they all do!


That’s it for this week, thanks once again for reading, and I hope to see you again next week!


    1. Only a few more days to wait for that, judging by the media circus it should be a hit again. Even over here in the Netherlands where I rarely see Nintendo commercials on the Telly there have been several in the past weeks for ultra!

  1. About Sony not having faith in the future of handheld gaming, one has to wonder if the company means exclusively handheld consoles, because maybe – given the Switch’s success – they will go the Nintendo route and produce a hybrid.

    Also, I wonder if Nintendo will also abandon exclusively handheld systems and put all of their efforts into the Switch.

    1. They stated that they have no interest in following nintendo on the path of the hybrid console. But, companies can easily change their strategy!
      My bet would be that in the future, nintendo will focus solely on the Switch. I mean, many of the major franchises are moving to the hybrid. In the end, there won’t be much left for the 3DS.

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