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In one of my earlier posts here on the site I told you about games I actually finished. That isn’t normally me, mind you, I hop from game to game. And I return to games more then once, let’s just say I go where my gaming mood takes me. The list I made back then is here, should you want to take a peek!

I still remember Okamiden for the DS very fondly, what a sweet game that was. Makes me sorry that I can’t commit myself to playing Okami on the Wii!

Five years have passed since I first played Okamiden, and by now, the 3DS is getting on in years and the DS has long since passed on. I admit that, before I revisited the game I wondered if it could hold up at all.

Due to the special graphics and the inventive gameplay, this sweet adventure doesn’t feel outdated at all. It might be a DS game, but it’s still a great addition to any 3DS library.

If you’ve never played it, or if you simply want to reminisce, check out the retro review I wrote for GameRaven.com!

Worth Another Look: Okamiden

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    1. Lol so you know exactly what I mean? When I started out gaming I felt I couldn’t abandon a game, but later on I decided gaming time is too precious to not play what I want! But in my defense, I do go back to games!

  1. I love it! It is a great game, even if it borrows a little bit too much from Okami. If one has not played Okami before, like you, then Okamiden will be even better.

  2. Great review. I loved Okami on Wii as did my brother, and although I’ve not played Okami-den it was the first game my brother got for his then new DS, and he enjoyed it just as much as the original.

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