One more week to go!

I bet you are wondering what’s going to happen one week from now? Wondering what game is close to release? But this time it’s not about gaming, I just couldn’t wait to share some other great news!

One week from now we will finally welcome our new puppy into our home. Dear Scotty, who had been with us for nearly 15 years, left us last October. And though at first I doubted if there would be a new dog to capture our hearts, I just couldn’t resist the idea of a new four-footed friend.

For the last 30 years I have had such a hairy companion. First Tara, and after she passed, Scotty. I guess it’s only natural that the house feels so empty now. You get used to having someone to talk to even when the other family members aren’t there. Plus, we clearly need someone to rule our household, remember?

So next week our Sammy will be old enough to leave her mother and her little brother and come live with us. She I said a Yorkshire Terrier, just like Scotty and Tara were, but this time the coloring isn’t traditional. She is what’s called a Biewer Yorkshire Terrier.

A warm blanket, a big pillow and some cuddly toys are already waiting. Sleepless nights are no doubt around the corner, but that’s alright. After all, who can resist this bundle of joy?




        1. Actually it’s going well She made some ruckus the first two nights, but since then she’s been really good. I’m amazed at how quickly she adapts to our family life.

          1. Puppy’s are so adaptable. Our dog was 8 years old when we adopted here, and the first thing she did was jump on our sofa and spent the night being loved by the family.

              1. She’s more vocal now than ever. She barks in order to call the children, and when the phone rings, when the door knocks etc.

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