Ultra Sun and Moon shows a new Alola Story

The release of the new Pokémon games, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, is near. Nobody knew for sure just how different these games would be from Sun and Moon, the games that were released a year ago on the 3DS. This week, the people behind the Pokémon games shared some insight into this.

The new games are no sequel, but they are a retelling of Sun and Moon, with new plots and events. These alter the main storyline, and brings in a new kind of doom. Seeing the trailer I’ve pasted below, you can easily see the game is going to take a darker turn. The tagline they use “This isn’t the Alola you thought you knew” surely gives it away. This new legendary monster, Necrozma is said to be “the one who can steal light and bring darkness from Phyco”.

From Phyco? Yep, this time you won’t just stay in the Alola region, but through Ultra Wormholes you will visit an alternate Alola. This inter dimensional travel paves the way for some of the craziest Pokémon too, the Ultra Beasts. Brick walls on legs, Pokémon that can make their head explode, one that shoots poisonous arrows.

The storyline is that once you are at the capital city of Ultra Megopolis, it’s clear that something’s off: Necrozma, the most mysterious legendary from the previous seventh-gen titles, has darkened the entire Pokémon world, robbing it of its light sources. An enemy force called the Ultra Recon Squad looks to profit off this catastrophe, seeking out auras that emanate from some of Bizarro Alola’s most powerful Pokémon trainers. Including yours!

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon released on November 17 to the 3DS.


  1. I’m super excited for this and I’m a Pokemon fangirl who will continue to buy every game they come out with. However, I was extremely impressed with the direction Sun and Moon took. It was reminiscent of Black and White in that the story was put first. Black and White had the worst Pokemon designs imo, but the story was so well written for a Pokemon game that I just fell in <3 with it. Sun and Moon accomplished the same thing and I can't wait to dive in again.

    1. Isn’t it wonderful how the Pokémon games can keep fans coming back? You will have many good gaming hours ahead, I like that the story is like an alternate universe this time around!

  2. I haven’t done a Pokémon game since X/Y. But since this will be the last one on the 3DS, and it has an intriguing darker story, I think I’ll get Ultra Moon.

  3. That’s a pretty dramatic trailer! This is the first time I’ve seen it, even though the games are already out now. Despite the fact that I have Moon and haven’t even played it yet, I think I’ll pick up Ultra Sun 🙂

  4. I’m totally getting those games. Alola was my favourite Pokemon region ever, and I’m not going to miss another opportunity to roam it. Can’t wait to discover the changes Ultra Sun and Moon have in store! One thing that’s already to my liking are the new trainer models, which I deem cuter than the original ones.

    1. I saw that you did quite a few solo runs with Specific Pokémon! I think you are going to have a lot of fun with this one again. For the first time, I didn’t dive in. Haven’t even finished Moon yet…

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