Zelda Breath of the Wild tips on YouTube

I’ve kept a gaming notebook for years to jot down all the things I mustn’t forget, locations in Pokémon games where you can get special items daily. Where I had planted the special plants like hydrangea or azalea’s in Animal Crossing New Leaf, or what quests I still had to fulfill in Rune Factory. I even took the trouble of having my creative daughter draw or design a sort of first page for every new game.

In saving those notebooks I had a way to relive all those special gaming moments. It was what prompted me to start this site too.

Originally it was a personal blog, a way for me to chat about games, but also to record my gaming journey over the years. And every once in a while, a post makes it to these virtual pages that serves as a reminder of gaming fun.

Breath of the Wild has kept my interest for over a year now, even after putting some 80+ hours into the game. And if you know me and my gaming ways, you’ll know that is saying something. And it only takes me seeing videos like these to make me want to go back and resume my adventure.

For most of you I might be late to the party in putting these YouTube video’s on here. You might have beaten Zelda Breath of the Wild months ago, but I know some of my gaming friends are still into Breath of the Wild, so I’m just gonna put it in here. If you have any tips on must-see videos for Breath of the Wild, just let me know so I can add them.

Oh, and on a side note: Just read on Siliconera that Nintendo posted a new job recruitment seeking level designers for The Legend of Zelda series. The position for level designer involves work on game events, dungeons, and field with tasks including plan proposals, specifications, adjustments, and more including the actual implementation.

The idea of a new open world Zelda adventure like Breath of the Wild…all I can say is: wow!

List of all recipes in Breath of the Wild

One of our readers, Sarah, pointed me to this website that has a perfect list of recipes, detailing how many hearts or other effects is has.

Check out Orcz.com here. 

The list of best recipes

5 videos detailing hidden things and tips in the game, from GameSpot:

The Top 8 items you must have in the game

Combat tips & tricks


  1. I might need to remember these videos. I started Breath of the Wild earlier this year and still exploring and doing quests and trying to help.

    I like your gaming notebooks. I did that sort of thing for a while when I was younger. I can’t remember why I stopped as I did things like you with recording where to find certain items or times that you could find things. I like that you have designs for each game as well. I have now got a blogging notebook with post ideas/notes and things to remember from games to help with my posts but maybe noting some things like where I can find things in games might be a good idea.

    1. See, I knew there’d be more people out there who do the same thing!
      My husband is always telling me that not all that is digital is good, and for once I tend to agree with him on that. You see, nowadays I record everything on my iPad, in Notes. But those gaming notebooks looked so much better!
      I should be more diligent too in jotting down things for my website….

      1. I keep notes digitally when I’m starting writing things more for posting but keep notes on paper if it is in planning stages or an idea and some things to mention. I don’t keep notes on collectibles or where to find things anymore but maybe I’ll do that again one day.

  2. I used to keep a notebook with a bunch of cheat codes for all my games written down! Sadly, games nowadays don’t really have “cheat codes” but I still have that notebook handy for when I play my classic games! 🙂

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