LadiesGamers Overview week 31

Come on in my friend, and get yourself a nice cup of coffee or tea. Time to look back at the overview of everything that happened on the site this past week, running from July 27th until August 2nd 2020.

The weekly news highlights what happened on this past week. So if you haven’t had time to read during the week, here’s all that was published all wrapped in a nice package.

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This week’s reviews

Jisei: The First Case HD Review (Nintendo Switch)

Jisei is an exciting new, visual novel game that kicks off what promises to be an interesting series of a man able to experience a person’s death.

#Funtime Review (Nintendo Switch)

The question on everyone’s mind: is this game a #Funtime? Check out our review as we dive into this neon twin-stick shooter with a great soundtrack.

LadiesGamers #Funtime

Locomotion Review ( Nintendo Switch )

Paula reviews Locomotion, a cute, enjoyable puzzle game. And concldes that you can see the love the developers have put into this fantastic little train game.

locomotion LadiesGamers

Aeolis Tournament Review (Nintendo Switch)

A simple fun party game suitable for the whole family. Aeolis Tournament keeps things simple and enjoyable. Also you can play as a shark so hooray!

LadiesGamers Aeolis Tournament

Gerrrms Review (Nintendo Switch)

Gerrrms is a fun little party game that looks at the lighter side of disease. Small issues hold it back from greatness but its hard to ignore the infectious gameplay.

LadiesGamers Gerrrms

Tales from the Dragon Mountain 2: The Lair Review (Nintendo Switch)

Abbi is a fan of point & click adventures, so she takes a look at Tales from the Dragon Mountain 2: The Lair. Does this port hold up on Switch?

Infini Review (Nintendo Switch )

Puzzle game Infini on Switch grants players a way to manipulate the environment of puzzles in order to progress using mind-bending tools. Chloe takes a look.


Wreckin’ Ball Adventures Review (Nintendo Switch)

Wreckin’ Ball Adventure is a simple and straightforward title that provides entertainment for only a few pounds in the eShop.

Wreckin Ball Adventures LadiesGamers

Country Tales Review (Nintendo Switch)
Help Ted succeed as the mayor’s assistand by building settlements and taking care of your villagers in this time- and resource-management strategy game.

Country Tales LadiesGamers

Editorials/ Featured Series

Fixing Joy-Con Drift: A Quick Primer

What is drift and what can you do about it? Elena talks about her first experience of opening up the Joy-Con and tips on DIY repair. And if you’ve got extra time, be sure to check out her own humorous blog about it here!

LadiesGamers Fixing Joy Con Drift

Gaming News

Gaming News weekend 31 with these news snippets:

The Kind Camomille Coming Soon

Stardew Valley Special Edition

Summer Update wave 2 for Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Details of Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy

Pokken Tournament Free trial

How to Backup and Restore Island Save Data in Animal Crossing

Update Very Easy Patch for Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout

Nintendo feels the impact of Covid-19

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